questions regarding registration

How many users can use the pro version?

The pro version allows one user at a time to use the application.

What are the benefits of studio subscription?

With a studio subscription, you can enjoy discounts for up to 5 users, collaborate as a team on projects, and easily share information.

What are the benefits of enterprise subscription?

Enterprise subscription is ideal for larger studios as it offers unlimited user access. You can also request the addition of specific supplier databases to your own, and we provide customization options for Excel formats to suit your specific needs.

How can I use the app as a student?

To access a free version as a student, please send us an email at [email protected] with your enrollment information.

questions regarding products database

Can I add products to the database myself?

Yes, you can effortlessly add products to the database based on categories using our efficient smart system.

If I add a product myself, will it be visible to others?

No, any products you add are only visible to you. However, you have the option to share them with other users in your studio if desired.

Can I request to add a supplier to the database?

Enterprise users can request the addition of up to 3 suppliers per month to their database. For other users, we gather requests, and if they reach a certain number, we will add them to the public database.

Why is all the information not provided for some products?

If information is missing, it means the supplier cannot provide that information at the moment.

questions regarding using the app

Is the upholstery selection in the application according to the producer's standard upholsteries?

Yes, the standard upholstery selection for every product aligns with the supplier's list.

Can I customize the product and add my own finish or upholstery?

You can select finishes and upholsteries for each product based on the supplier's standard list, use additional upholsteries provided in the app from renowned suppliers, or add your own finishes and upholsteries by providing information and images from your own database.

What types of drawings can I add?

You can add plans, sections, elevations, or visualizations to your project and assign codes to the drawings, which will appear on your specification document.

What image types does the app accept?

The application accepts image formats such as jpg, png, and pdf.

What is the format of the specification document?

You can export the document in either Excel or pdf formats.

Why do I need to provide information about the project?

Providing information about the project's location and type helps the application provide you with more relevant information.

Can I export the drawings from the application?

Yes, you can export the drawings along with their assigned codes separately, and they will also be included in your Excel sheet.